Busy Busy Busy!

Since my last post (10 MONTHS AGO) Things have been crazy busy. I've traveled around the country photographing artists, festivals and businesses. Branding a few awesome local businesses in regional NSW too. I've also rather ambitiously started a freelance project centred around my biggest passion, design and photography and my love of music. It's called AMPD (Australian Music Photography and Design) check it out on Facebook too. I've assembled a few photographers and artists to provide creative solutions to musicians all over the world, but primarily in Aus. I love it so much, and hope to grow it into a full large scale business. It will take time and money, but with unrelenting dedication, and a clear vision for the future I'll get there. In the few short months we've been operating we've had shoots, created video clips, posters and social media campaigns and it all makes me very happy to wake up in the morning! Have a squiz, and hey, if you know anyone who's in a band etc send em our way!
Below is one of the special packages we create. Large format poster, facebook event banner and instagram post to tie the event all together cohesively.

The Tune of June

It'll be a busy month of June this year as I try and snap as many gigs as I possibly can. The first went up on themusic.com.au today. I trundled along to The Corner Hotel over the weekend to watch some punk rockers. Not really my thing, but it was a blast nonetheless. Check it, more to come soon!

On the Job Hunt

Hello prospective employers! Trying to expand my portfolio of late and the last few days have seen me back on the ink. I've never tried my hand at Pointillism before, but I have always loved the style. These are my first cracks at the tedious medium. 

And in contrast, these are some sketches turned into vector illustrations from 5 YEARS AGO. Adventure Time flies when you're having fun. The image below now has like 40,000 views on my old DeviantArt account and has been stolen by so many Russian desktop image websites I have lost count.

Album Design and Concept Photography

David van Dijk is a trance musician, he launched his blend of trance in 2012 with the release of his debut EP, 'Sunsets & Silhouettes'. I was involved with location concept photography for the EP, cover and booklet design. This is truly one of my passions to combine the music industry with design and photography.

Past and Present

I've just been added to the live music team at TheMusic.com.au (which I am so stoked for!) which means I get the chance to shoot the best shows that Melbourne has to offer, and have my photos potentially seen by tens of thousands of music lovers. It's a gig I've been trying to get for over a year and I'm looking forward to what the next year holds for my music photography. I've included some of my published work from BMA Magazine in Canberra. (In the last image they credited the wrong photographer.)

Have a rad day!

Videography Fun

A few years ago I created a little video for the Canberra German Automotive Festival. I miss making videos quite a bit and would love to get back into it. David Van Dijk made some sick music for me and came together really nicely. He produced an EP not long after this and I created all the photography and booklet design for him, as well as a logo. I'll dig that up at some stage and put it here too.

Shooting the City

After a good few hours of taking pictures over the weekend and looking at some really nice photos from around Melbourne, I really want to get out and shoot more. Next week I have a full 7 days off from my day job so I'm dedicating at least a full day/night of cycling around this city and seeing what I can come up with. Stay tuned for the results.

The photo below is from a few months ago walking near Flinders Street Station, I just happened to be holding my camera, no tripod.

The Ocean (Germany) Live at The Evelyn

I got back behind the glass last night for Metal Obsession to shoot Orsome Welles and Caligula's Horse support the mighty post metal outfit The Ocean. I was introduced to these guys at Euroblast Festival in 2013, Cologne Germany. They have a bearded Aussie on guitar now and holy shiieett was it tight and heavy. Full gallery and review will be up on the Metal Obsession website in the coming days. Till then...

Good Memories

Sifting through old files and folders I've found a bunch of old projects that I never got paid for and/or ideas and directions changed of clients. Some of these I'll chuck up here for the lols. Promo posters, a snowboard design for Fyve, T-shirt designs, a private real estate advert, and an Adelaide based burger shop design. #tbt

Band Posters in Melbourne

Designing for bands, concerts and pretty much anything music related is just about my favourite thing to do creatively. Recently I knocked up a little poster for Melbourne based Doom outfit WATCHTOWER. I plan to start advertising poster design to Melbourne bands really soon as
1) I need to pay rent AND buy beers.
2) I really love it.

If you're a band and want mad posters for cheap, hit me up yo.

A Space Square

So here is my new online space. It's simple, clean and finally working the way I want it to. Something I've never bothered with including is a blog area so I can upload things which aren't exactly work, but will be things I'm doing creatively... starting with this humorous t-shirt I made to look like Taylor Swift merchandise. Ha, enjoy!