Busy Busy Busy!

Since my last post (10 MONTHS AGO) Things have been crazy busy. I've traveled around the country photographing artists, festivals and businesses. Branding a few awesome local businesses in regional NSW too. I've also rather ambitiously started a freelance project centred around my biggest passion, design and photography and my love of music. It's called AMPD (Australian Music Photography and Design) check it out on Facebook too. I've assembled a few photographers and artists to provide creative solutions to musicians all over the world, but primarily in Aus. I love it so much, and hope to grow it into a full large scale business. It will take time and money, but with unrelenting dedication, and a clear vision for the future I'll get there. In the few short months we've been operating we've had shoots, created video clips, posters and social media campaigns and it all makes me very happy to wake up in the morning! Have a squiz, and hey, if you know anyone who's in a band etc send em our way!
Below is one of the special packages we create. Large format poster, facebook event banner and instagram post to tie the event all together cohesively.